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(One of the classes I take at my local gym is open to members as young as 12, as long as they show they are able to handle it and pay attention, also one of their parents has to be there if they’re under 18.

There’s one girl in particular who has been staring at me the last few times we’ve both been in class. I’m a fairly average looking female in my mid-20’s, so I couldn’t imagine what about me was holding her attention. Finally, one night she comes up to me before class:)

12 year-old: So, like, are you, like, 18 or something?

Me: Ha! No, but you’re sweet to think so. I’m 27.

12 year-old: *eyes bugged out* No way! You totally look like you’re in high school!

Me: Nope, I’ll be 28 this winter.

12 year-old: But you look so young!

Me: I get that a lot.

(For the rest of the class, anytime she passed by me she’d make some comment about how I look like I’m in high school. It was flattering, if a bit repetitive.)

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