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Indiana Dunes, IN | Unfiltered | October 20, 2016

My mother, my wife, our son, our 2 dogs (a poodle and a husky) and me were on pur way back to the car

We were going uphill and I was pulling a cart with our stuff and holding the husky with my other hand, my wife had the other dog and my mother the stroller

This guy with a cooler with wheels was coming downhill and decided to walk in front of me, expecting me to move our of his way. Common courtesy means you walk on the right side, same as cars and restaurant double doors

He wasnt moving and I had a heavy load to try to go around him with his small rolling cooler. He moved to my right in front of me and was going to hit me with the cooler if I hadnt pushed it away with my leg

That was the only way he understood that they are not the only ones in the world, he was mad but he was the one that was going to hit me

There was only one sidewalk to get to the parking lot 2 blocks away and huskies are something else

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