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Unfiltered | October 12, 2016

(My brother and I are at an arcade and we see two boys playing DDR. DDR is a dancing game where you must move your feet fast to dance. They are playing a very fast song. You need a lot of stamina. At the end of the song, the younger boy who looks like he’s 9, is the winner, and doesn’t seem to be out of the breath at all. The older, taller one is panting however.)

Me: “Wow, that kid is really good!”

Brother: “Yeah.”

(Something doesn’t seem right though, as they break into a another song. The younger boy seems to be barely moving at all, yet gets all the right steps. A glance down tells me why. The younger boy is wearing extremely large sneakers, much too large for his age, they look like clown shoes. All he has to do is move his feet just a bit to reach the steps. Meanwhile, his rival has run out of stamina and quits. The younger boy wins again.)

Me: “Look at his shoes…that’s why he’s winning!”

(The younger boy hears me, and shoots a glare. Maybe I was rude, but I was telling the truth!)

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