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Unfiltered | October 2, 2016

My college is a small, there is one dinning room where most people eat. There are small tables by the sides that sit two people and larger in the middle that sit about 10 people. Most people eat lunch in groups while the small tables tend to be used by people who like to eat alone. I actually like eating alone since I get to sit by the window, listen to music, and am somewhat insecure about what I eat.

During the October of my sophomore year. This girl suddenly comes up and asks if she could eat with me. I say yes so as not to be rude, I am thinking its some freshmen who thinks I am also a freshmen and didnt realize I had my headphones in. She is very animated but I find our conversation awkward. I finally ask why she decided to sit with me. To which she responds, ” Oh I try to sit with all the lonely freshmen.” There was slight pause than before I responded, “I’m not a freshmen and I like eating alone.” Luckily I had finished my food and could excuse myself.

I understand her mistaking me for a freshman, happens all the time since I’m short, but it still bothers me that I am so sad kid with no friends just because I actually like eating alone.