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New Zealand | Unfiltered | October 1, 2016

A few months ago I completed a military based training course called LSV. While I was there I developed a little crush on a one of my platoon members because we both have a multitude of mental illnesses including, but not limited to, depression, anxiety and Autism. He didn’t finish, but in the two weeks he was there he was incredibly mean, and made fun of me because he knew about my crush. He also made sexually objectifying comments regarding my body.
After course, he started messaging me on Facebook.

Him: I see you made it through LSV. You know, if Staff (corporal known for being borderline abusive) had gone off at you, you would have burst out crying like a baby.

Me: Maybe. But, you wouldn’t have bren there to see it.

Him: Oh big deal, you made it through LSV. It doesn’t mean anything. There is nothing you have that I don’t have.

Me: Actually, I have a life, a qualification and the ability to get a job.

Him: Your autism is way worse than mine. I wasn’t one of the lucky ones to be diagnosed with autism at two (the common age). I wasn’t diagnosed until I was eight.

Me: I wasn’t diagnosed until i was eighteen, so shut up.

After insulting myself and everyone I know.

Him: Look, you were so sweet to have a crush on me. Maybe we could get together. I could show you a reall good time.

Me:Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha… f**k off!

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