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Unfiltered | September 26, 2016

I don’t bake very often, i find having to buy fresh ingredients costly and have so little time in which to do so. However it;s my wife’s birthday and i agree to make some cakes for her to take to work, i go to pick her up after she’s finished work.

Wife’s coworker: Nice cakes (my name)

Me: Thanks!

Wife’s coworker 2: that flapjack was amazing, you need to give me the recipe.

Me: No problem, i will give it to (wife) tonight.

Wife’s coworker 3: Shame about the flapjack.

Me: Huh what?

Wife’s coworker 3: I don’t eat nuts.

Me: Well sorry but i didn’t have time to make several cakes, plus it’s (wife) birthday and she loves it.

Wife’s coworker 2: It didn’t even have whole nuts in, your not even allergic.

Wife’s coworker 3: Well i didn’t care for it.

(I decide to let it go and let my wife know I am here. On the way home.)

Wife: Everyone loved your cakes.

Me: Well apart from (coworker 3),

Wife: Is that what she said? After you left she was trying to hide the leftovers in her bag.

Me: What about the flapjack?

Wife: She had like three pieces!

(It turns out that the coworker was new and didn’t get along with anyone, later that year the company paid for a Christmas meal, which of course she complained the whole way through. After failing to make any friends, she quit a few months later.)