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(My elder brother and his fiancee are currently staying with us, while he searches for a job. Apparently our public library has added an aisle for LGBT books, which I never noticed, even when my brother pointed it out. It turns out, his girlfriend is homophobic and says stuff like:)

Her: “I hate the f**s! You know what? They all could burn in hell!”

Her: “Weren’t all the gays supposed to die in that Orlando bar shooting? I guess some are still alive.”

Her: “The library is already gayer than it originally was.”

Her: “The library is gayer than it was. If my five year old sister asks me to take her to the library, I would say no because it’s gay.”

(He ended up taking up that homophobic mentality:)

Him: *talking to my dad* “Like with the f**s…”

Him: “Why do the f**s need an entire aisle for them?”

(I kind of forgotten what else they said, but I mostly hear them using that slur. I guess I’m just as bad as them, because I don’t tell them off. I wonder how his fiancee’s homophobic mentality rubbed off on him.)

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