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I work at a small independent pet supply store that has a rewards system for regular customers who create an account. All accounts are filed by last and first name. I was on the phone with a customer ringing her order up.

Me: What’s the last name on the account?

Customer: It will be under [Name of Rescue], it’s a rescue. My is [Name].

Me: *looks up rescue name, only one account available but doesn’t match name given* Looks like I don’t have that name here, perhaps it’s under your last name?

Customer: No, it would be under [Rescue]. I always shop here and I always get the Rescue Discount!

*We don’t offer a rescue discount*
Me: Well I have a [Name] [Rescue] in here. Perhaps the account is under their name then.

Customer: What? I don’t know a [name] I’m the only rescue with that name in town.

Me: Well, unless your name is [name] and you shopped with us… *Checks last purchase date* 4 years ago then it is probably under a different account name.

Customer: Oh, it might be under my last name then. [Lastname].

Me: Yup, there you are [name]. Do you want me to change that to [Rescue]?

Customer: Yes, please.

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