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I was relentlessly bullied by a girl at the end of elementary school for an entire year. She used to call me a lesbian because I am an identical twin, and her logic was that being naked in the womb with your identical twin made you gay. My other classmates teased me relentlessly when this “logic” was revealed to them. It made my life miserable for a year, and even affected how I made friends at the beginning of junior high school since no one wanted to be friends with the loser who got teased all of the time. My twin sister was in a different class room that year, so she escaped the bullying, but saw my tears every day after school.

Fast forward to a day 15 years later….

TWIN: So [FORMER CLASSMATE] joined my kickball team!

ME: That’s nice.

TWIN: He says he keeps in touch with some people from school. But guess what?

ME: What?

TWIN: He told me that [BULLY] is now a lesbian!

I blinked for a moment before I broke down in hysterical laughter and started rolling on the floor, tears welling up in my eyes. I laughed like this until I was completely out of breath.

TWIN: Wow, I was expecting a reaction, but nothing like that.

ME: Haha, she was probably in love with me and hated the fact that I was straight! HYPOCRITE! I hope I broke her heart by being straight!

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