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, | Unfiltered | January 27, 2023

(I’m about 12 or so in this story. For as long as I can remember, I’ve had this fungus on my toes. It is very itchy and causes big blisters to form under my toes’ skin, which are very uncomfortable. To make things worse, my feet naturally sweat a lot, which aggravates it even more, and causes it to stink a lot. One day after school, my little brother and I flop in front of the TV to watch our shows, and a commercial comes on. I sigh and take off my shoes and socks, and scratch myself bloody. I know I shouldn’t, but the relief is so good.)


Brother: *disgustedly* “Would you not do that!! And put your shoe back on, your foot smells so bad!!”

Me: *insulted* “You just feel lucky that you dont have this foot fungus!” *puts shoe back on*

(I had to put up with it until I was 30 until finally I got medication. My parents knew about it but they figured since they had it too, it wasn’t that bad. For me it feels so nice not to have bleeding, cracked toes. My feet still really dislike being in shoes still though. But thinking back how I yelled like that still makes me cringe.)

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