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Unfiltered | August 26, 2016

In my last few days on my job, I decide to bake and bring in a cake for my team, its first thing in the morning, so I quickly cut the cake and divide it on to plates so everyone gets a piece. I turn around and see the cleaner hovering.

Cleaner: (staring at the cake) oh have you seen (someone)?

Me: No, he works in the other building and he doesn’t start for another hour.

Cleaner: Oh ok, ill come back later.

(I finish plating up, dropping a one on each persons desk. I have to go to a meeting but come back straight away. I see the cleaner again now sitting at my desk staring at my slice of cake. He goes to touch it.)

Me: Hey, get off that.

Cleaner: Oh I err was only looking.

Me: Well don’t.

Cleaner: I only wanted a bite.

Me: Firstly, your a grown man, you know to ask first. Secondly this is for my team and not you.

Cleaner: (mutters something as he leaves.)

(I find out not only did he come back again when I was out of the office later (meaning one of my team had to take it away from him) but he actually complained about me. His manager told him to get out of his office he didn’t last long in that company!)

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