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Unfiltered | July 17, 2016

we are at a bar for a meet and great with the new students, I see a friend who we haven’t been around since he moved research labs so we are catching up. he drops a foreign word into a sentence, I laugh and a new student looks confused.

Me: haha you picked up some favorite words from *middle eastern sounding name*, it roughly translates to bullshit, but what language is he teaching you to curse in?

new student: *to me* ohh your so racist

friend: *in german* how so? in what way? tell me!

new student: *stands there blinking* what?

friend: our old coworker is an older Muslim man, who grew up in Israel, but went to catholic school, then spend years working in Italy, and then moved to TX… he speaks like six freaken languages

me: you might have to include Russian now

friend: Ahh all the Russians, out of all these languages, how is wondering wondering which one is the go too cussing racist?

Me: so I wanna say yiddish, but not sure it sounds more like romani?

new student: *getting flustered* how was I supposed to know!

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