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Unfiltered | August 24, 2016

During my morning commute, half the passengers alight at a major station. I get off 3 stops after this. Normally people space out after this station and change to empty seats if they are available.

I am sitting on the window seat of a 3 seater, when a man sits on the aisle side of my seat. He is in his late 60s and unkempt. He is restless, grunting and mumbling to himself, and compulsively tapping a book. His odd/angry behavior started making me feel uncomfortable but thankfully my stop was coming up. I stand up and say “excuse me” so he can stand up and let me off.

He glares at me for a few seconds with an incredibly angry looking face.

Him: I’m getting off at this stop!

He doesn’t move

Me: I’d like to get off now, thanks


He still doesn’t move, the train is pulling up to the station.

Me, raising my voice: Excuse me, I’d like to get off now, is there a problem!?

He has daggers in his eyes but finally stands up and let’s me get out.

I glance at the book he was continuously tapping as I walk past, it was the Twilight book.

I was shaking and upset as I walked out of the station.

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