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Unfiltered | August 22, 2016

(Myself and two friends are leaving a house party at about 2 am and are walking down the street back to where we parked. I’m the dd so I’m sober but both my friends are drunk. One of them (Friend 1) stops suddenly and begins urinating on a parked car.)

Me: (Friend 1) what are you doing?

Friend 1: Bro. Who the f*** parked their f****** car in my bathroom? How am i supposed to piss now?

Me: This isn’t your bathroom though dude. It’s a random street.

Friend 1: Bro. I live here. I know where my bathroom is. Tell somebody they better f****** move it.

Me: This is not your house. That i can promise you.

Friend 1 (tries to push the car): God d***it! It won’t move. Ugh. I think i need some booze tonight boys.

Me and Friend 2: No I think you’ve had plenty of alcohol.

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