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Unfiltered | August 20, 2016

(I was the bad stranger here. I was about 11, and my dad was poor and I didn’t get enough to eat. He took me to watch outdoor soccer games, which I found very boring. I was very interested in seeing a bunch of people gathering and spreading food on a big buffet table. I wandered over and started getting a plate and food.)

Stranger: “Excuse me, are you part of us?”

Me: “Uh…no….?”

Stranger: “You can’t get food if you’re not a part of us.”

(I was shocked and I realized what I was doing was stealing. I dropped my plate and ran off with everybody staring. My dad was still staring at the soccer game and didn’t notice what happened. When I told him, he said this:)

Dad: “Sometime they let you and sometimes no. Just keep trying though.”

(We went home hours later, me still embarrassed. Thankfully, he got a better job and I had enough to eat. I really thought that food was free!)

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