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Unfiltered | August 12, 2016

(The city was working on a big watermain project and our street was all ripped up so the pipes could be updated. The street had been under construction well over a month so the construction workers saw me every morning on my way to work. One morning, a group of four are chatting as i’m walking by… Maybe not an important detail but i’m 5′ 0″ and rather small and socially shy, so this whole situation made be feel really uncomfortable)

Worker: “Excuse me? I have a question for you.” (The group stop chuckling with each other to look at me)

Me: “…Yeah?”

Worker: “Do you live in the house with the black car?”

Me: “Uhm… yeah?”

Worker: “Why doesn’t your boyfriend drive you to work?”
(They are all grinning at me)

(I paused for a bit, thinking about how we rent out the basement of our landlords, so we’re not the only ones who live in the house, but they know enough to assume the one driving the black car is my boyfriend… they should also know he leaves at 6:30 in the morning and I leave at 8…)

Me: “Well… he leaves before me.”

Worker: “But… He has the car and is your boyfriend, so he should drive you.”
(His coworkers chuckle, not sure if because he missed the point, or they agreed with him)

Me: “Ah… Well, we start our day at different times… and we work on opposite sides of the city so that doesn’t really make any sense? Thanks though!”

(I can’t remember the response because I was already politely walking away and mentally freaking because I am uncomfortable enough in social situations. I’m sure they meant no harm at all, and cute? for being observant I guess? but… nope)