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Unfiltered | August 8, 2016

(Part of my babysitting job is taking the child to her singing lessons, where I then sit around and wait for 30 minutes, and then taking her home again. I often text my friends during this time.)

Me: Hey! I have 30 minutes. Controversial topic time! Abortion. Go.

Friend: Pro-choice.

Me: Agreed. Okay, then for the sake of argument — how about those darn gays, huh? Invading our land, stealing our jobs?

Friend: I have a gay uncle. You’re getting confused with migrants.

Me: They can be migrants… but not in… public?

Friend: No. We agree, [My Name]. You’re not even committing to your fake arguments.

Me: But that’s no FUN! The world needs conflict! Otherwise it’s boring!

Friend: I agree :)

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