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Victoria, Australia | Unfiltered | August 5, 2016

(I am talking with some kids that have been a little mean to me in the past, hoping to make friends with them)

Me: So, when I was only like 2 or 3, my brother accidentally chopped one of my fingers straight down the middle!

Kid #1: I can’t believe it!

Kid #2: What finger was it?

Me: I don’t know except it was in my left hand.

Kid #1: That sounds gross!

Me: Yeah. Anyway, my aunt was babysitting and was horrified at what had happened. She drove me to the hospital where they put [Brand] anesthetic cream on my arm, but I had a bad allergic reaction and my arm swelled up!

Kid #1: Totally gross!

Me: Anyway, they ended up giving me plastic surgery to fix my finger.

Kid #1: (Deadpan) And of course that’s when they changed you from a girl to a boy.

Me: Excuse me?!

Kid#2: Of course! That’s why you’re gay!

Me: What!?

Kid #3: What a loser f**. Let’s leave this gay f*****.

Kid #1: Seeyah LOSER!!!

Kid #2: Hahahaha!

(This emotionally scarred me, and I went home in tears. My Mum moved me to a better school and I got better, but I sincerely hope that those kids end up in prison some day)

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