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England, UK | Unfiltered | July 31, 2016

(I am messaging my friend about going to the cinema the following morning to see [Film 1] instead of [Film 2] when she decides to try and prank her boyfriend. Note: The website for our local cinema isn’t always that reliable.)

Friend: “I need you to wait until these messages aren’t on screen and then tell me that the time of the film has been changed to 5pm.”

Me: “Why?”

Friend: “Because [Friend’s boyfriend] called you evil and I will have my sweet revenge.”

(By this point her other messages were not on screen so we went ahead with the plan so she could screenshot what we were saying and send it to her boyfriend.)

Friend: “So are you sure that the time’s changed [My name]?”

Me: “Yeah, the site had it wrong. We called and checked and they said it was 5pm not 11:20am.”

(The next day, at the cinema)

Cashier: “I’m afraid the showing of [Film 1] is at 5pm. [Film 2] is the film we are showing at 11:20.”

Me: “Oh my God… [Friend], I predicted it…”

Friend: “I am telling [Friend’s boyfriend] about this!”

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