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It’s my first year in a college outside of my home country; naturally, I made some friends who I had similar interests with. I find one of them interesting, and she’s from the same country as well! And she came to another country to expand her views. She was nice at the start.

There were rumors around how she was a piece of work, which from my viewpoint was just from past fights and such. Everyone has had fights that someone may bring up, which is why I didn’t see it as a precaution.

It wasn’t until she made a post where people who travel all the time were nasty (this was way before the pandemic). Given that she always made a post about travelling to another country over the week here and there, I pointed it out in this recent post. Within five minutes, the post was deleted and she talked to me in private that my comment was inappropriate and to never make one like it again.

That was fine, I guess. I left it alone.

Months later, she made a post that all cat owners were disgusting and toxic people and benefitted nothing to society… because they owned cats. “End of discussion,” she ended it with. I then made a sarcastic comment, “Wow, I can’t wait to tell my sister what kind of a horrible person she is because she took in, cared for, and loved the cat that was in an abusive situation before the adoption.” It was a bit of a sore spot because the cat was the sweetest thing and had, unfortunately, passed the previous year.

Since I didn’t learn from the previous interaction, I received quite a few insults from this person because I pointed out a flaw in her non-argument, since there weren’t supposed to be discussions beyond this false post she made.

I have since blocked and avoided this person, but I still shake my head about her, as she chose to attend a school outside of the country purely for extending her viewpoint outside of her home country, and then turn around and insult someone who didn’t agree with her.

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