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(In the early 2010s, I went to a steampunk convention. My costume wasn’t anything special, I was just excited to go to such a big event. I had unpacked quick and changed into my “easier” costume so I could go have fun and await the rest of our friend group. While sitting in the hotel lobby, I saw a huge Hummer pull up and a couple of well-dressed men in professional-quality costumes started struggling to unpack huge cases. They don’t look heavy, just awkwardly sized. I went over to help, figuring it’d pass the time.)

Me: Hey guys, you okay?

Guy 1: *shy/awkward* Uh, hey, sup.

(Guy 2 is stubbornly struggling with a case, ignoring me)

Me: Need help?

Guy 2: *Taking a breather* Nah, thanks though.

Me: Cool, I’ll be in the lobby if you change your mind or whatever. See you at the convention!

(I went back inside, the two guys looked confused. I figure they’re just not used to women offering to help with heavy lifting and play on my phone until my friends show up. The next day I went to the main commerce hall, and I see Guy 1 and Guy 2 sitting at a booth!)

Me: Oh hey guys! That explains the heavy boxes yesterday, so what are you selling?

Guy 2: *Grins at Guy 1 and elbows him playfully*

Guy 1: *Way more relaxed than yesterday, kind of laughs to himself* We managed to get it handled pretty quick after the first box got loosened, then the rest came tumbling out!

Me: *giggles a bit* Oh, I know that feeling.

(I’m looking at their desk, CDs and patches)

Guy 2: We’re selling our band CDs.

Me: Oh, cool! By the way, are you going to see the performance? I heard there’s a live show tonight, but the tickets are sold out. I can’t remember the name of the band…

Guy 1: *Giggles* Yeah we’ll be there.

(I know I’m missing some kind of joke, but shrug it off and smile).

Me: Well I hope you have a great time tonight.

(I bought a couple of CDs since I’m always down to try new music. I found out the next day that I had actually been talking to the singer and guitarist of that band. They weren’t actually shy when I first met them, they were worried I’d be a creepy fangirl but they ended up loving that I had no idea who the heck they were. I’m a lifelong fan of their music now. If I ever end up seeing them again, I’ll apologize for being so ignorant!)

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