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Belgium | Unfiltered | May 29, 2016

(I’m in an evening crafts class. My friend and the teacher know each other outside the classroom. We are in early and she comes up for some small talk. The topic is a mutual acquaintance)

Teacher: well, you know (acquaintance)? She walked in in my class, an absolute mess. I know she has (psychiatric problems) but really, it is not an excude

(She keeps up the rant about this lady with apparent problems but little or no sympathie from the teacher. My friend is silently concentrating on her work, trying not to react)

Teacher: (…) and then wearing those clothes from (discount store).

(By this time I had enough of all the bad mouthing and very matter of factly react)

Me: you do realize I’m currently wearing something from (discount store)?

(I really was)

Teacher: euhm, you wouldn’t say. Euhm I see (classmate) has a question, I need to check it out

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