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(I’m walking home from the convenience store. There’s a house on my street owned by an old woman who has a couple of wiener dogs that, like most dogs, bark at passerby. Next door to her is a house that had a new family move in recently; I haven’t really interacted with them much, but they have a son who seems to be about 8 or 9, and is playing in their front yard when the dogs notice me and start barking.)

Kid: *at the top of his lungs* SHUT UP, YOU MOTHERF*****S! SHUT THE F**K UP! YOU F**KING MOTHEF*****S!

(I nearly tripped over myself, because I was DEFINITELY not expecting to hear that! Several other neighbors were also outside playing or doing yard work in the nice weather, and being a dead-end street with no traffic, his voice carried quite a bit. A relative pretty much ran out of the house, scooped him up, and ran back inside. I have a feeling introductions are gonna be a bit awkward for them…)

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