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(My older brother moved back in after some issues with his roommates. He brought his girlfriend with him, while he finds a job. She takes my iPod when I decline her invitation to go to the park with them. On my iPod, I have a few songs that I liked from a Nickelodeon show and a few songs from Disney movies. I had my earbuds in, but a song was on pause. My brother even tried taking my laptop, but I got it back.)

Brother’s girlfriend: *to me* “Come on, let’s go to the park.”

Me: “I’m fine. You guys go ahead.”

Brother’s girlfriend: “You’ve been in here all day.”

(In fact, I had been outside giving our pets some water, skimmed out the pool, and put some stuff up.)

Me: “I’m fine.”

Brother’s girlfriend: *takes my iPod* “You’re not even listening to anything.”

Me: “…”

(She sits down on the other couch and starts scrolling through the songs on it. She plays a song and starts singing along to it. She stopped and started to look through the bands I have.)

Her: “Camp Rock?”

Me: “Only two songs.”

Her: *looks through it, calling out band names* [Band]. They’re okay.” *She continues naming the bands and pointing out if they’re okay or not. She even stopped to laugh at some Christmas songs I have on there. After a few minutes she looks at me.* “Zac Efron?”

Me: “Only one song.”

Her: “There’s no band on there that will go over him.

Me: “…”

Her: *goes through it* “[Band]. I guess that kind of blows him out of there.”

(By now I feel a little near tears in embarrassment. After she picks threw my songs she starts playing a game. I don’t want to be rude and tell her to give it back. I go take a shower and come back. After a few minutes, she hands me back my iPod.)

Her: “You need to charge this up. The battery is almost dead.”

(After a few more failed attempts to get me to go to the park after I decline, they leave to go to the park. I guess it’s safe to say that they made a little paranoid on leaving my stuff alone with them and I found another reason that I dislike her.)

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