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I used to be a cashier at a chain bookstore that’s now out of business. We kept our Playboy magazines and similar items behind the counter. It’s a less busy day during the holiday season, and I have the pleasure of serving a middle-aged female customer.

Customer: Can you get me a Playboy calendar?

I bring it back to her.

Customer: Are they nude? My husband won’t want it if they aren’t nude.

I am shocked, but I look at the back of the calendar, which has a considerate display of each model’s face.
Me: I can’t tell, ma’am.

Customer: Well, maybe I’d better not risk it. He likes it when they’re nude.

She pays for her other items and leaves.

Me, in shock, to my fellow cashier: I can’t believe that just happened. Would you buy porn for your husband?

Coworker considers this. She: I guess I might as well. All guys look at it anyway, right?

Dear reader, I’ve been married ten years and am pleased to report that NOT all guys look at porn.

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