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(It’s moving day. Unknown to us, another couple is also moving in, in the same building, the same day. Somehow, we didn’t run into each other during the numerous trips we took between the two houses. It’s the end of the day, My brothers and father, who came to help me move, were leaving. My brother opens the elevator and to his horror sees it filled with boxes.)

Brother 1: (cries out): Nooooo, you said we were finished.
Brother 2: Yes, we are.
Brother 1: No, the elevator is filled with boxes.

(We all run to see and indeed, the elevator is quite filled with moving boxes.)

New neighbour: (calling from somewhere above): I’m sorry, that is our stuff, we are moving in.
Brother 1: (smiling again) As long as they are not ours, it is fine.

(He happily took the stairs down.)

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