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Sydney, NSW, Australia | Unfiltered | April 27, 2016

(My family brought a bunch of solar powered lights you stick into the ground for our front yard. However as a majority have been stolen or broken we’re put the remainder in a box on our front veranda. Our front yard is also not fenced in in any way and the box is placed such that it’s right by the house. I’m female, and talking with my mother in a room with a view of the front yard when this happens…)

Me: And that’s why – HEY!

(I race for the front door and throw it open, catching the man halfway down our stairs with the box of lights in his hands by surprise. I give chase and he drops it, breaking most of the remaining lights)

Me: What are you doing? Those are ours!

Man: I thought they were for anyone!

Me: …Seriously?

(Mum and I had no real way to hold him and didn’t think it was worth calling the police for a few lights he didn’t steal, not after the scare I gave him. He’s just lucky my father wasn’t home – he’s a cop!)

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