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Riverside, CA | Unfiltered | April 21, 2016

(I’ve gotten into the habit of going out jogging at night, just a quick round of my school campus. Since it’s a college campus and at night, there’s usually nothing going on aside from random students going home from late. However on this particular night a car stops next to me as I am on my way home, and someone in the back seat sticks his head out the window)

Me: *stops and stares for a second to see if I recognize this person*

Car Guy: “Hey Dude, We totally go here.”

Me: “Uhhh okay…”

(This is a pretty strange way to start the conversation so I am already immediately suspicious)

Car Guy: “So do you have a phone I could borrow?”

Me: “No, Sorry”

Car Guy: “No really man, I need to call my mom.”

Me: *Stares for a moment, before just turning around and walking away*

(As I’m continuing down the street towards my apartment I can see that the car is backing up after me, so I decide to book it. They kept following me as I was running away, but luckily I was already close to one of the dorms so all I had to do was take a turn up some stairs to lose them. For the record there were 4 other people in the car. If they really did actually go to my school I was supposed to believe that between 5 college kids in a car not one of them had a phone for this guy to call home with. This was seriously one of the weakest phone-jacking attempts ever)

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