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It’s school camp in secondary three, which means that we’re all turning 15. Every class is assigned a dormitory to live in during the camp, with girls in the upper floor and boys in the lower. Both floors of the dormitory are basically single room stuffed with bunk beds with a cramped toilet and showers attached. I should mention that there are a pair of very large windows on two walls that completely lack blinds and offer zero privacy.

On day 2 of camp, we’re told to put on our swimsuits for a water activity, so we start changing, but the tiny toilet fills up very quickly. As we queue, some of the boys get impatient and start hassling the changing boys to speed up. It is at this point that one of the guys in the back mocks us for queuing up, saying that we could just change in the room. We all turn around to the guy and realised that he was buck naked, and lemme tell you, that was a traumatising sight. All that hair… ugh, we all retched as one.

Mr Naked just laughed even more at us, waving his d*ck around and saying stuff like ‘look all you want, I have nothing to hide’. We all start shouting at him to put his clothes on, which draws the changing boys out of the bathroom, giving them a full view of the horror, but Mr Naked just put his hands on his hips and made pelvic thrusts at us, which was utterly horrifying. Just when we thought it couldn’t get any worse, half the girls came down and peered into the window, asking us what was taking so long.

Mr Naked turned around at the sound of their voice, giving a dozen girls a full view of his bare front. Even as the screaming began, he continued to hump the air and say ‘look all you want, I’ve got nothing to hide’. Drawn by the sounds of the screams, the other half of the girls ran downstairs and got a full view of the horror. Even the back wasn’t safe as he waggled his butt at us guys.

Amazingly, he didn’t get punished, suspended or expelled, despite flashing all but three of the forty students in our class. As a consequence of this, most of the 36 victims don’t remember much of the camp as we basically bleached everything out of our memories and desperately tried to forget that traumatic experience.

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