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Unfiltered | April 17, 2016

(I’m 8 months pregnant at the time of this story. One of my best friends has decided that I’m just really fat – entirely as a joke – and she and her boyfriend regularly make jokes to that extent. I laugh just as much as them, because she also claims that I “don’t act pregnant enough” to make the most of the situation. I’d just been hanging out/resting for a while at their apartment and was just leaving to meet my husband after work when her boyfriend pulled into the car park and spotted me.)

Friend: *rolls down car window* “[My name]! What are you doing, walking in your condition??”

Me: “What, fat?”

Friend: “Yeah! Get in, the Japanese couldn’t take another tsunami if you fell!”

(I could not answer that with anything other than giggles. They’re the best friends you could ask for, once you get to know the sense of humour…)