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Mesa Arizona | Unfiltered | April 12, 2016

One night I was standing in front of the new release wall looking for something to rent using an employee freebie when a customer walks up to me.

Customer: can you help me find [x] movie?

Me: Nope, sorry.

Before I have a chance to respond she starts yelling at me without giving me a chance to interrupt. I’m in uniform so I figure I shouldn’t make a scene. After about a minuet of getting berated for a polite answer to an otherwise innocuous question she goes on.

Customer: I want to talk to your manager, where is he?

Me: About a block away at [Electronics Store], I don’t think he’ll help you though.

This wise crack comment made her turn beat red and she proceeded to yell louder at me for another 30 seconds before I decided to calmly walk away. In this time the store manager starts trotting up, noticing its me, and beams a smile at me to diffuse the situation.

Manager: Is everything OK over here?

Customer: NO! No its not! This kid was rude, he refuses to help me find my movie!

Manager: Maybe I can help you find it?

Customer: NO! I want him to find it or you better do something about it! Its poor customer service! Unprofessional!

The manager looks me up and down with the same beaming smile before it fades into a stern looking glare. After a moment to compose himself in that mode he says in a deadpan tone.

Manager: Your Fired.

Customer: *dumbfounded gasp*

Me: (without skipping a beat) Ok, later!

I smiled and waved over my shoulder and went to wait for my ride outside the store. As I was walking away I heard the customer stammering in shock.

Customer: He deserved a write up! You didn’t need to FIRE him!

Manager: It’s Ok Maam, he doesn’t work here.

I worked at the electronics store a block away from a video store where my brother worked. I’d gotten off early that night and came over to wait for my mom to pick me up from the after school job. The funny part was that the uniforms for the video store and the electronics store where practically carbon copies; blue polo with a yellow ticket, the only difference between the two was the brand name and a 45° cant of the logo.

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