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Unfiltered | April 11, 2016

My friends and I are all really close and often make more interesting jokes that often end up with bizarre ends. In this friend group I’m usually pretty quiet, and according to my friends: “she doesn’t often say anything, but when she does it’s perfect.”

Friend 1: *she often jokes around as an old woman and someone had said something that caused her to kneel and pray for about ten seconds before laughing.*

Friend 2: “come on, stand up now.”

Friend 1: “I haven’t stood up since 1957(random year)!”

Me: *head pops up to look at her* “well now we all know what your job has been.”

There was pure silence for about twenty seconds before everyone started dying of laughter. I normally never say things like that, fortunately she is a close friend and all of our friends have a similar type of humor.

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