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Middle of Nowhere, BC, Canada | Unfiltered | April 6, 2016

(I am about 8 years old. My dad has brought me to a small nearby village to attend some meeting, and I have met two girls there for the same reason. We are playing around the park near the building, having a lot of fun, and get to the playground. Even though I didn’t want to be there originally I am having a great time, and think the girls are a lot of fun. When we reach the tire swing, they let me take the first turn while they push. However, once I get on, they start HURLING the swing as hard as they can back and forth between them.)

Me: “Stop! Let me off!”

Girl #1: “No! You’re white white person! You’re bad!”

Girl #2: “Yeah! You’re bad!”

Girl #1: *dripping with contempt* “WHITE person!”

(I am stuck on the swing for a couple more minutes listening to their hatred of me before I can finally get away from them, and I run to my dad crying. I spent the rest of the night afraid of these two girls. I later spent 2 years living there during middle school, and the constant torment left me with clinical depression and suicidal thoughts that are still with me over a decade later. All because I’m white. Racism is NOT a white person disease, it can be transmitted from anyone to anyone, regardless of skin colour.)

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