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Unfiltered | March 28, 2016

(During a water break at practice, the following occurs. It’s near Valentine’s Day and we will be traveling so none of us can see our girlfriends. One of my teammates grabs the tray that has all the bottles on it so people can easily grab one. A second teammate grabs the last one, leaving my first teammate with out one)

Teammate 1: “Hey! What the heck man? How am I supposed to get water now? Team rule is whoever grabs the tray gets a bottle.”

Teammate 2: “Sorry. First come, first served.”

Teammate 1: “You owe me an apology letter for this.”

Teammate 2: “I’m sorry man. What if I was your valentine this weekend instead to make up for this?”

Teammate 1: “Eww. No. Now you owe me two apology letters.”

Coach: “Good thing you’re an English Major (teammate 2).”