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I was riding a jeepney (the public form of transportation in our country) on a late afternoon going home. There was a toddler with his mom sitting across me. I always wear a mask (black) whenever I’m on the road because it’s quite hazy. The toddler seems to never run out of comments on his surroundings.

(When I got on the jeepney…)

Kid: Mom! She has an illness! She has an illness!

Mom: Ssshhh! Don’t say that!

(When the jeepney passed by a place wherein sun rays have directly hit the little boy’s chest…)

Kid: Mom! My heart is so warm!

(When a man bringing an ice bucket which he used for selling ice candy got on the jeepney…)

Kid: Mom! He is selling ice candy! I think there is still one more left.

Mom: Oh? How did you know? Go ask him.

Guy: I don’t have any more left. I’m now heading home.

(The kid suddenly started singing a song and later on, his mother asked him to sing a famous song. He continued singing until we passed by a fish market…)
Kid: *suddenly stops singing* Mom! fish! It smells fishy!

(Later on…)

Kid: Mom! Let’s go to Cardo!

Mom: Who’s Cardo?

Kid: The one on TV! *It was a famous TV drama at that time* Let’s go to the TV!
(I usually listen to music on the way home but at that time, the other passengers and I were totally entertained by the kid and I can laugh all I want since

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