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Europe | Unfiltered | March 19, 2016

(I have a mean friend who enjoys drawing conclusions where there are none to be had. My partner and I have just come back from a trip to NYC.)

Me: “We met the coolest people ever!”

Friend: “Impossible! Americans are too fake to be cool! All they do is smile and pretend to be happy!”

Me: *ignoring her rant* “While we were on the subway, late at night, the almost empty train suddenly stopped and the lights went dark. There was…”

Friend: *interrupting* “Let me guess! The stupid Americans freaked out? They are all hypochondriacs! How many people cried?”

Me: “On the contrary. So this super cool woman looked up, saw us scared European tourists, and with a big grin nonchalantly declared, ‘We are all going to die’. Everyone on the train spent the whole time we stopped laughing gleefully. How can you not relax after that? [Partner] had to keep me from telling her that she’s my hero every five minutes.”

Friend: *severely disappointed* “Wait, what? But you were trapped! Why didn’t the Americans panic?”

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