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My friends see me as pretty tight laced, I’m up for a laugh and a drink but some things I have strong opinions on.

Friend 1: (Passing around a smoke) want some?

Me: Nah I’m good.

Friend 1: Go on, it’s good.

Me: Thanks, but no.

Friend 1: What’s up with you?

Friend 2: leave him alone.

Friend 1: Why? It’s just a bit of fun!

Friend 2: He doesn’t want it, leave him be.

Friend 1: No, tell me why!

Me: I’m not interested, I have my reasons.

Friend 1: Bull, i’m not stopping until you tell me why.

Me: Ok fine, i’ll tell you. I’m not going to stop anyone but frankly that stuff has ruined too many friends lives.

Friend 1: Bull, there’s nothing wrong with this.

Me: Ok then, you remember (friend)?

Friend 1: Well yeah, I don’t speak with her much but I don’t..

Me: Yeah she got into it big time, you can see her anytime just pop over to (gas station) she’s selling her self outside.

Friend 1: Well one person doesn’t..

Me: And (other friend)?

Friend 1: Well he was always..

Me: He’s a waste, no job not hope no future. Can’t keep a job down because of testing, lost his wife..

Friend 1: Well that’s just..

Me: And (other friend) you can see him on the corner of (book store) he sleeps rough, after he blew half of his savings and the other half his “mates” robbed him blind.

Friend 1: So?

Me: So. Do what you want, i’m not going to criticise but i’ll refrain thanks. I have a good thing going on, i’m not getting into it.

Friend 1: Whatever idiot.

(Thankfully many of my friends are pretty understanding, I don’t comment on what they do and they don’t push me into anything I don’t want to do. Most of them still party like before, apart from friend 1, who lost his job 3 months later after complaints about his work started coming in.)

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