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Unfiltered | March 3, 2016

(We are at a popular theme park that is very much crowded with people. I am with my step-dad and little brother.)

All Three Of Us: *spots two girls wearing long tank tops with barely visible shorts on underneath*

Step-dad: You might as well go naked!

(The two girls looked back at us, shocked and offended of course)

Little Brother: Dad, you may have said that louder than you thought.

Step-Dad: No, I said that just the way I wanted!

(We stopped by the restrooms, and my step-dad went to the bathroom. My little brother and I sat on a bench. The two girls walked by us again and one glared at me right in the eyes.)

Me: (As soon as they walked by) Oh my God, I know her! She used to go to our school!

Little Brother: Well, crap.

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