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I am a female shopping in a major big box department store in Kentucky. The store rents out space in the main aisle that passes the electronics department for a local cable and internet provider to sell their services. I am walking to the arts and crafts department when one of the cable and internet provider’s reps steps in front of my path. It is worth noting that I am originally from New York and I have been known to cuss a little bit.

Cable Provider Rep: I think that you really need to sign up for my service!

He goes into a long pitch while I am attempting to step around him and he continually moves so I can’t walk past him.

Me: Look dude, I am not interested in your service! I live in an extremely remote part of the area and your service isn’t even available where I live! Leave me the f**k alone and stop blocking me!

I am able to get past him and he continues to follow me to the arts and crafts department which is a full seven aisles away from the electronics department.

Me: (Turning back to look at him) What did I tell you?! Quit f***ing following me! You are really making me uncomfortable!

Meanwhile, an elderly employee of the store arts and crafts department steps into my path to confront me about cussing at the cable and internet salesman. At this point I have reached the arts and crafts department.

Store Employee: Miss, you shouldn’t cuss! All you have to do is tell him no thank you and keep walking! I am going to call the police and report you for using foul language in public!

Me: The dude was following me and he wouldn’t quit! What else was I supposed to do? Get me your manager NOW!

The store manager is called over and I explain what both the cable and internet service rep and the employee did.

Store Manager: (Employee) why didn’t you stop the rep from following this young lady? And (cable and internet service rep), why did you keep following her when she told you to leave her alone?

Store Employee: But she cursed and it is offensive! No woman should be allowed to curse!

Cable Provider Rep: I just really wanted to make a sale and she kept trying to avoid me! What else could I do?

Store Manager: BOTH of you are wrong! (Store Employee) I am going to write you up for harassing a customer! AND you (cable provider rep)! I have received MULTIPLE complaints about you and the other reps harassing customers! Your company is about to have it’s lease terminated due to your behavior!

The manager apologizes to me and promises me that the incident will be dealt with. The next time that I come into the store the company’s booth isn’t there and one of the employees tells me that the company’s lease was indeed terminated! The store employee now gives me dirty looks whenever I come into the store.

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