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Due to the pandemic, customer service staff working face to face now work from home and take phone calls for the local council.

We also offer a service where we take Disabled Bus Pass applications for the local bus company. At this moment in time however, those who’s bus passes are expiring will need to complete the application themselves online.

I explain to the customer EXACTLY where she will find the form online. After her searching for a pen and paper for 5 minutes.

Me – “Ok, so if you Google search ‘Metro website.’ And it is the first link on there. That’s spelt M.E.T..” and I spelt it out for her

Customer – “So (Council) Council. “

There is no way both names sound similar. So I spoke a bit louder in case she had hearing problems.

Customer – “your phone line is very loud.”

It would help if you listened the first time lady

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