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Unfiltered | February 23, 2016

(Two teammates of mine are having an argument.)

Teammate #1: “No! (Beach City near LA) is not Central Coast. It’s far from it. It’s the LA area!”

Teammate #2: “But it’s less than an hour from (big time beach party city). That’s obviously central coast.”

Teammate #1: “(Second City mentioned) is north of the mountains. (First city mentioned) is south of the mountains. Not central coast pal.”

Teammate #2: “Ok fine then. I’ll just have to tease (my name) about how (my hometown) is in SoCal when it’s in the Bay Area and northern half of the state.”

Me: “Actually (teammate #2), (my hometown) is south of the geographical center of California. So it actually technically is in Southern California despite being Bay Area.”

Teammate #3: “(teammate #2), how are you geography major and not flunked out yet?”

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