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Unfiltered | February 21, 2016

(This was eight years ago. I had recently just moved to another state but still kept in touch with my friends. One such friend’s phone service charged extra for calls to out of state, where as my phone service did not. So they would often call me to see if I was home before hanging up so I could call them right back.)

Friend: “My I speak to [My Name]?”

Me: “You’re speaking to her!”

Friend: “Wow you sound like your mom, okay call me right back.”

(Dials his number -I thought- correctly.)

Unknown: “Thank you for calling [Fastfood restaurant]’s Corporate office, how may I help you today?”

Me: “Uhhh,” I think it’s my friend playing a prank on me like we often used to do so I respond in the most sarcastic sounding voice, “Yeah, I’d like a diet salad and a burger soda please!”

Just some receptionist trying to do their job: “I’m sorry ma’am, we do not take orders at this location.”

Me: Slow realization dawning, “Oh okay. Goodbye.”

After I hung up, my friend immediately calls me to ask why I never called him back and I tell him all that happened.”

Friend: “How could you mis-dial my number? It’s on your caller ID!”

Me: “I don’t know! I dialed [Friend’s phone number]!”

Friend: “…Did you put my area code in first?”

Me: “…”

Friend: “Hahaha, call me back. But this time put [area code] and then [His number].”

(I had forgotten that the area codes were different, so when I dialed in his number it automatically filled in with my area code. I didn’t even notice. I’m so sorry random Fastfood Corporate office employee!)

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