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Australia | Unfiltered | February 20, 2016

(I play bass and acoustic guitar in my Church’s worship team. Every offweek I play bass, and it has been this way for almost the last decade. Our other guitarist’s son, who is almost 15, has been our drummer for the last year)

Drummer: “Is that a new bass?”

Me: “No?”

Drummer: “I don’t think I’ve seen it before.”

Me: “Are you messing with me?”

Drummer: “I don’t think you’ve used it.”

Me: “It’s the same one I’ve always used for years.”

Drummer: “… I don’t believe you.”

(I’ve had this bass for at least 8 years now – more than half his life! It’s possible he may have had a mental blank since his dad has an older model in a different colour which I did borrow for a year or so. To his credit: I have a lot of guitars!)

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