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(It is our school’s eighth-grade trip to Chicago. The hotel rooms are big, so there are four students of the same gender to each room. I am with my best friend and two other friends, all male. We have a plan set as to when to wake up and get ready, and everyone agrees to the plan. It is the day we were supposed to go home, we wake up late because the alarm didn’t go off; the bus is leaving in 15 minutes. We are getting ready while figuring out why we’re late.)

Best Friend: “The alarm is unplugged, that’s why it didn’t go off. Who the h*** unplugged it?”

Friend #1: “The snooze button didn’t work and it wouldn’t turn off so I unplugged it.”

Friend #2: “The alarm was supposed to wake us up two hours ago so we could get ready and talk before we left!”

Friend #1: “I wanted to sleep in though.”

Me: “But we didn’t. You could’ve woken us up and go back to sleep.”

Friend #2: “Exactly. It doesn’t have to be all about you, a**-hole.”

Friend #1: “Oh. Maybe you should’ve told me to wake you up if the alarm went off.”

Me & Best Friend: “We did last night!’

Friend #2: “F****** idiot.”

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