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Unfiltered | February 9, 2016

My roommate, his girlfriend decide I need to get out and drag me to a metal show. He is tall and fairly built, she is short and tiny, I about as tall as she is. My roommate get sucked into the mosh pit in front of us and we can barely see him over the crowd. His girlfriend gets knocked over by a drunk guy twice my size in front of us thrashing and bulldozing people

Her: “hey watch it!”

Him: “shut up B!#[email protected]&, I do whatever I want”

he winds up to throw a punch, and she ducks behind me

Me: “really”

He looks at me and backs down

later at the bar we find my roommate a bit banged up from the pit. A fight is starting on the floor and the guy is stumbles over by us with blood on his face.

Him: “sorry about earlier got carried away, can I hide behind you its rough in there”

Roommate “what hell?”

Him: “this guy” *points to me* “must be toughest mother F&#$%^ in here to go into a mosh pit on crutches!”

My roommate looses it at this point laughing