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Unfiltered | February 8, 2016

(It’s lunch time and my best friend is playing cards against humanity (a game I’ve never played due to its offensive nature) with three other of our friends on her laptop. Then the black card is chosen…Note: Friend 2 is playing along with my best friend and is sitting right next to her with the screen turned away and friend 3 is watching. Friend 4 is in the schools computer labdirecly connected to the lunch room.)

Black Card: That’s right, I Killed ________. You know how? ________.

My Best Friends White Cards: Han Solo. Hipsters.

(Then she hits enter. Not 5 seconds later…)

Friends 2 and 3: That is NOT ok!

Friend 4 (Still in the computer lab): Too Soon!

(My best friend and I busted up laughing…she won the round.)