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Unfiltered | February 7, 2016

(My husband and I are both Gluten intolerant and a family friend is coming to stay for the night as everyone else’s houses were full. It was the last day of the week of a particular festival in town where I avoid going out as much as I can and therefore we didn’t have much food in the house.)

Me: So did you want a coffee this morning?

Friend: Hm no thank you, you don’t look like you have much milk left for my cereal.

Me: Well we are having leftovers for breakfast you are welcome to them. I apologise I don’t have much else.

Friend: Oh well I bought bread and peanut butter I can just have toast. May I borrow your toaster?

Me:(turning to husband) Hey do we actually own a toaster.. I don’t think we do…

Friend: you don’t own a toaster.. WHO DOSNT OWN A TOASTER!!!

Me & Husband: We cant eat bread, why would we own one?

friend: I spose.. But how am I going to make toast?

Me: We have a griller.