28 Students Later

| CA, USA | Learning | November 6, 2014

(It’s zombie week at my campus and most of my class is still ‘alive.’ While our classroom is a safe zone, one of our classmates is using the long hallway leading to lecture hall to ambush other students. I’m stuck outside trying to figure out how to get past him when our professor walks inside.)

Zombie: “Oh, hi, professor.”

Professor: “So how many zombies are waiting in ambush?”

Zombie: *laughs* “Oh, just me! I’ve got a bet going with my friend and I need like 10 more people to tag.”

Professor: *smiling* “Well, you’ll have to wait until after class.”

(She suddenly pulled a tiny nerf gun from her bag and shot him clean in the chest. The rest of the class used the opportunity to get inside while our zombie classmate waited out his five-minute ‘stun.’)

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