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Unfiltered | February 4, 2016

(I’m in 8th grade. After school, my friend and I are taking a bus into town to just hang out. It’s winter, so I wear a cap that, admittedly, does look a little odd; Instead of being rounded on top like most caps, it has four “spikes” sticking up from it, almost looking like four tiny ears. Despite its somewhat unconventional looks, it keeps my head warm and, usually, nobody cares. This time, though, I notice a boy about my age who starts staring at me as soon as he steps on the bus. He takes a seat, one where he can see me clearly, and continues to stare for a while.)

Boy: *sarcastically* Hey. Nice cap.

Me: …Thanks.

(I go back to talking to my friend for a little while when I notice that the boy STILL hasn’t taken his eyes off me, staring so hard that it looks like his eyes are about to fall out of his head. I’m already in a rather bad mood, and his staring is starting to get on my nerves.)

Me: Hey, how about you get a life instead of staring at my head?!

Boy: *grunts and finally looks away*

Friend: *whispers* Are you a mind reader? Because I was just about to say that.

(Perhaps not my proudest moment, but at least I got him to stop. Nobody else before or since had anything to say about my cap.)

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