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Unfiltered | January 31, 2016

(My father has passed away suddenly and my method of dealing with it is to keep moving. At the same time school has just started and I am sitting with my group for a semester long project. I am not thinking clearly at this point and am trying to complete multiple task when the funeral home emails me the proof of the obituary in french [due to living in a french province we are doing the obituary in both french and English].)

Me: Who speaks french here? (I am not able to read French well and can’t verify if the obituary is grammatically correct for french)

teammate #1: I can.

Me: Can you tell me if this is grammatically correct.

(Forgetting that only one teammate is the only one in the group who knows about my father and teammate #1 isn’t him. I had him the obituary with no warning what I am asking him to correct. While he does this I move on to the next thing I had to do.)

Teammate #1: Yeah it is good. Also my condolences.

Me:*Having heard this so many times I just register this as normal.* Thanks

(The next day)

Me:*realizing what I did to teammate the previous day, I say to my self* S*** I forgot he didn’t know. I should apologize.